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See All Nite Sight Tritium Open Sight for Sig Sauer P Series Triangle



Dovetail mount for Sig Sauer P Series - Save 10% Instantly

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Data sheet

Mount type S&W M&P dovetail
Lens elements 1
F-ratio N/A
Magnification: N/A
Exit pupil: N/A
Field of view: Infinity
Eye relief: Infinity
Elevation/Windage: 75 MOA/75 MOA
Body: Anodized aluminum
Waterproof: Yes
Size: 2.75 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight: 1 oz
Included accessories: Two Allen keys, instruction manual, foam-lined box

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This version of the See All Nite Sight has a TRIANGLE reticle.

This model of the See All Nite Sight includes a dovetail mount for Sig Sauer P Series

See All Nite Sight Manual


  • Provides optimal lighting in every situation, be it day or night.
  • Speed is instantaneous
  • The crosshair is focused on the same plane as the target.
  • The crosshair can be easily seen by those who have limited eyesight.
  • Durability exceeds any sight on the market.

See All Nite Sight Review

We've been waiting a long time for this sight to arrive.  The original See All Open Sight was a breath of fresh air, a unique product that was small, light, easy to use, and inexpensive to boot.  The guys at Oversight Shooting Technology knew they were on to something, so they retooled the sight into something that's even more versatile and compact, without sacrificing the features that made the original so desirable.

If you're not familiar with the original See All Open Sight, here's a quick primer on how it works.  

Unlike most open sight systems utilized on rifles (or scopes, for that matter), this sight does not have an exit pupil or eye relief requirement.  This means that target acquisition is fast, easy, and simple.  The concept is not a new one.  In fact, if you've ever used a red dot or reflex sight, you will feel right at home using this sight.  Simply bring your rifle or pistol into firing position, and as soon as you see the reticle, aim and fire.  Regardless of eye relief or where the reticle appears in the sight picture, that is where your projectile is going to impact.  There's a reason why armed forces and discriminating brush hunters use sights like this - they do exactly what they are supposed to do, every time, faster than a scope or iron sights.

The most obvious change to the See All Nite Sight is that the body is much slimmer than the old style, which was a two cubic inch block of aluminum.  On the See All Nite Sight, the body width has been trimmed down to just .75 inches.  Eyepiece element remains the same size.  The form factor itself is much more visually pleasing than the blocky body of the original.  Not only does it look better, this means less weight.  Total weight of this sight is only 1.0 ounces, which will be barely noticable on a pistol used for home defense, competition, or plinking.  

The smaller body does not affect the field of view of the reticle, which is still easily visible in low light.  Speaking of the reticle, the See All Nite Sight does not utilize the original triangle reticle.  Instead, this version uses the equivalent of a German #4 reticle, like you'd find in a low power variable riflescope.  We consider this an improvement, as it allows fora finer aiming point.  

The biggest improvement, and the reason behind the name, is that the See All Nite Sight utilizes both a fiber optic element for daylight use, as well as tritium for night time illumination.  So regardless of available light, you'll always be able to see the reticle.  

We can see this sight (with included Picatinny mount) being an excellent choice on a brush gun, shotgun, rimfire, SBR, or your chosen home defense firearm.  Always lit, always visible, unintrusive, and ultra-reliable.  All at a price tag under $200.

The original See All Open Sight was a huge hit, and for good reason.  We think that the See All Nite Sight is going to be just as popular, if not more.  The Oversight Shooting guys know what they're doing, and this product has our endorsement.

Mounting the See All Nite Sight to your Sig Sauer

We recommend taking your Sig to a gunsmith to install the dovetail.  However, if you are mechanically inclined, you can remove the old sights and install the included dovetail with a sight pusher.  Once the dovetail is installed, use the included 6/32 screw to attach the See All Nite Sight to the dovetail.  

Sighting in the See All Nite Sight

Install your sight, and fire a three shot grouping.  The windage and elevation screws adjust 1/16 of a turn for 1" at 100 yards (1 MOA).  There are no clicks.  Make the appropriate adjustments and fire another three shot grouping.  Do so until you are on target.  Use the center of your final three shot group as a reference point for the final adjustment to windage and elevation.  

Note: Turning the elevation screw counter-clockwise will move teh bullet in the up direction.  Turning the windage screw clockwise will move the bullet right.

Warning: The elevation screw will come out of the sight if turned more than 3 turns. DO NOT REMOVE THE SCREW.  The windage screw should not be rotated more than 4.5 turns in either direction.  There are 75 MOA of adjustment for both windage and elevation.

See All Nite Sight FAQ

Q: Will the See All Nite Sight fit on my Sig?
A: The dovetail will fit the stock dovetail on the P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, P239 and SP2009.

Q: Can I use the See All Nite Sight for hunting in my state?
A: Generally, yes.  This sight is subject to the same regulations as rifle scopes and fiber optic sights.  Consult your state's hunting authority, as tritium sights are sometimes restricted.

Q: Do I close one eye, or keep both eyes open?
A: Keep both eyes open for faster target acquisition, and more natural feel when aiming.

Q: How does the See All Nite Sight work at night?
A: The fiber optic portion does not collect ambient light (because there isn't any).  The tritium in the sight will show a light green glow, illuminating the reticle.

Q: Does the See All Nite Sight require a front sight?
A: No, a front sight is not required.  

Q: Will the See All Nite Sight handle the recoil of a pistol?
A: Yes, no question.

Q: Do the words "See All" appear in the reticle of the See All Nite Sight?
A: No, that was a feature on a limited run manufactured years ago.  New sights do not have any letters in the reticle.

Contact us at (888) 978-5330 with any other questions regarding the See All Nite Sight.


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See All Nite Sight Tritium Open Sight for Sig Sauer P Series Triangle

See All Nite Sight Tritium Open Sight for Sig Sauer P Series Triangle

Dovetail mount for Sig Sauer P Series - Save 10% Instantly

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