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Tech Sights Insert Ready Aperture System IRAS



Aperture inserts for Tech Sights series 200 sights

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Tech-Sights Insert Ready Aperture System IRAS

The Tech Sights IRAS apertures are urethane GI-style aperture inserts for all Series 200 Tech Sights models (rear sight not included).  These aperture inserts will not fit any of the Series 100 Tech Sights.

The Tech Sights Insert Ready Aperture System allows the shooter to chang ethe aperture opening size to fit preference and/or shooting conditions.  The fixed .062 opening aperture shipped with all Series 200 Tech Sights is easily removed and replaced with the the IRAS aperture, which accepts three different sized inserts (.042", .062", and .086").  The aperture inserts are manufactured from durable urethane, which has excellent memory characteristics, alllowing them to retaain their shape after installation.  This combination provides the shooter with a versatile sight for any condition.

Tech Sights IRAS Manual


  • Easily replaces the existing aperture in all 200 series Tech-SIGHTS.
  • Three different size inserts available: .042", .062", and .086".
  • Inserts are constructed of impact resistant urethane, a material with good memory characteristics. Urethane is also very resistant to oil and solvents, making it the perfect material.
  • Inserts are hooded and flanged to shade the aperture opening for a precise undistorted sight picture.
  • All steel Aperture has .125" opening to accept the inserts.


  1. Make sure your firearm is not loaded and is pointed in a safe directon.
  2. Thread the original aperture out of your existing rear sight assembly by rotating the elevation adjustment dial clockwise until the aperture is free. Be careful not to lose the spring save washer, spring, and detent ball.
  3. Reassemble the rear sight using the IRAS aperture.
  4. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the aperture insert before installing.  The inserts are resistant to oil and lubricants, so motor oil, petroleum jelly, or similar lubricants may be used.
  5. Push the insert into the opening of the aperture.  Continue pushing until the insert collar passes through the aperture and holds the insert in place.
  6. Rotate the insert until the number is visible on the top of the insert.
  7. Enjoy shooting your upgraded firearm.


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Tech Sights Insert Ready Aperture System IRAS

Tech Sights Insert Ready Aperture System IRAS

Aperture inserts for Tech Sights series 200 sights

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