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Styrka S7 2.5-15x50 SF Riflescope Illuminated Plex ST-95040



Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof

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Data sheet

Magnification: 2.5-15x
Objective diameter: 50mm
Exit pupil: 3.3 - 11mm
Field of view: 41.5 - 6.8ft @100yds, 13.8 - 2.3m @100m (1.3-7.9 degrees)
Eye relief: 3.94" (100mm)
Tube diameter: 30mm
Click value: 1/4 MOA
Elevation/Windage: 60 MOA / 60 MOA
Lens coatings: Fully Multi-Coated Styrka SXL-MAX Coating
Body: 6061-T6 aluminum
Waterproof: Yes, every unit tested @ 1 meter for 30 minutes
Nitrogen purged: Yes
Size: 13.5" x 3" x 2.25"
Weight: 23.8 oz
Twilight rating: 11.2 - 27.4
Included accessories: Neoprene scope cover, cleaning cloth, warranty magnet, instruction manual

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Styrka S7 2.5-15x50 SF Riflescope Illuminated Plex  Review

The Styrka S7 2.5-15x50 rifle scope is the flagship model of the Styrka S7 rifle scope family. A powerful 6x zoom ratio makes this scope well suited to nearly every type of hunting, from dense upland hunting to long range big game. Available with illuminated plex and illuminated mildot reticles, the Styrka S7 2.5-15x50 also features a large 50mm objective for maximum low-light performance at dawn and dusk.

First impression of this scope is that it's a hefty, solid scope. At 13.5" long, it tips our scale at 23.8 ounces. The 30mm tube is made from a single piece of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and is fully waterproof and fogproof, standard for any rifle scope worth its price. The turrets are very low profile, but the combination side focus/illumination knob on the left protrudes about an inch out from the body. One thing that we really like about this scope is the aesthetics. The curves of the body on this scope are more gradual and sweeping than most other scopes, which can seem blocky and angular in comparison. The photos will show you what we mean by this.

At the price point the S7 2.5-15x50 fits into, you expect solid build quality. This scope has it. Super tight tolerances abound, and nothing on this scope feels cheap, and no corners seem cut. The quick focus eyepiece is moderately tight, but operates smoothly with no grinding or tight spots. The focus ring is pretty quick considering the zoom ratio, and requires a half a turn to go from 2.5x to 15x. It's also quite tight, but that is alleviated due to the grip provided by the rubber ring and its raised ridges. It does seem to loosen up a bit with some repeated use.

The turrets are designed in the hunting style, with aluminum caps that hide the mechanisms. In keeping with the theme, these caps also have studded sections (raised ridges) around the edges to provide additional grip while on the range. The turrets themselves are adjusted in 1/4 MOA increments, and do provide light audible feedback.

The left side of the body features the combination side focus and illumiantion adjustment. The side focus is adjusted with the inner knob on the left side turret, and is adjustable to 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500 yards, and infinity. It is surprising to see a rifle scope with this power and zoom ratio that can be set to 10 yards. The illumination, powered by a CR2032 battery inside the knob, has six different settings with an off position between each. This is advantageous because you can set your desired brightness, and always be a single click away from turning on the illumination. As far as brightness, the lowest setting fully illuminates the reticle, but very dimly - desirable for low light situations where your vision has adjusted to available light. Stepping up through illumination settings shows the reticle brightening at even intervals, up to the sixth and brightest setting, which can be seen against dark backgrounds on a very bright day. The reticle is evenly illuminated at all levels.

The most important thing to consider with any new rifle scope is how well the optics perform. The Styrka S7 2.5-15x50 provides some extremely clear and sharp views at any magnification, and that clarity and sharpness continues directly to the edge of the sight picture. Color bias is very neutral, and we were unable to pick out any difference in color between what we saw through the scope and what we saw without.

At 2.5x, the S7 2.5-15x50 does exhibit some field curvature, though this is minimized by maintaining correct eye position. This "pincushion" effect is rather common with scopes with a high magnification ratio, so it is to be expected. Also, at low magnification, chromatic aberration is all but nonexistent. At higher magnification, the field flattens out considerably, and chromatic aberration is only really noticeable when viewing high contrast objects, and during movement. Otherwise it seems pretty well controlled, in line with other scopes we've seen at this price point.

Overall, the Styrka S7 2.5-15x50 earns a passing grade from us. It's built well, looks good, functions well, and the warranty is unmatched. Styrka gets our stamp of approval, and we'll stand behind this scope 100%.

The only thing between you and the trophy in your crosshairs is the riflescope mounted to your firearm. At this moment of truth, just as you pull the trigger, the image you see must be as crisp and clear. That’s precisely what STYRKA S7 Series Riflescopes deliver. They are loaded with important features that culminate in a successful shot.

STYRKA S7 Series Riflescopes feature STYRKA’s proprietary SXL-MAX multi-coating for increased light transmission throughout the entire optical system and across the entire visible spectrum. SLX-MAX also enhances contrast and resolution for sharper, more detailed images with natural color. STYRKA S7 riflescopes are constructed of one piece, 30mm aircraft grade aluminum for long lasting durability.

Included Accessories

  • CUSTOM STYRKA NEOPRENE COVER - The Styrka neoprene cover protects your riflescope when on your rifle. It will keep dust, dirt and moisture off of your lenses and prevent scratches.
  • LENS CLEANING CLOTH - The included lens cloth can be attached to your pack for use at a moments notice. Convenient for when your optic needs a quick cleaning.

Overview of the Styrka S7 Rifle Scope Family

All Styrka S7 rifle scopes are high quality, waterproof/fogproof rifle scopes with built with one piece 30mm 6061-T1 aluminum bodies. Styrka S7 rifle scopes come standard with a quality kit of accessories, including neoprene scope cover and microfiber cleaining cloth.

Styrka S7 rifle scopes include an array of high quality features. The SXL-MAX fully coating optical system is designed to increase light transmission, reduce glare, and provide optimum sharpness and clarity for real true to life color. The 30mm tube is completely waterproof, fogproof, and nitrogen purged. The side focus parallax adjustment on all Styrka S7 rifle scopes allow for fast focus adjustment without moving from shooting position or losing sight picture. Blackened lens edges reduce reflection and glare, increasing contrast and overall image quality.

The Styrka S7 rifle scope family includes three different models, each available with or without illuminated reticles. The Styrka S7 1-6x24 is perfect for upland or dangerous game hunting, where close range shots are common. The Styrka S7 3-12x42 is an an excellent all-around rifle scope, with 3x magnification for close range, and a powerful 12x for longer range hunting. And the Styrka S7 2.5-15x50 combines the widest mangification range and largest objective for maximum versatility and light gathering in any terrain or condition.

Care and Feeding of your Styrka Rifle Scope

Your Styrka rifle scope is designed to provide you with years of dependable service in the field if cared for and stored properly.

  • Protect the rifle scope from direct impact and do not force any of the moving parts beyond their limits.
  • Protect the optics of your rifle scope by putting on the neoprene scope cover when not in use.
  • Store your rifle scope in a cool, dry place whenever possible.
  • When storing for off-rifle for an extended period of time, place the rifle scope in a plastic bag or airtight container with a dessicant.
  • Do not leave the rifle scope in a car on a hot or sunny day, or near anything that generates heat as this may cause damage.
  • Clean any dust, dirt, or water that may get on the rifle scope or inside moving parts as soon as possible. This prevents unforseen damage to mechanical parts of the scope.

Proper cleaning of the lenses is essential to maintaining the optical integrity of your rifle scope. Dirty lenses diminish the amount of light transmitted through the rifle scope and your overall viewing experience.

  • Remove any dust on the lenses with a soft lens brush or can of pressurized air.
  • Using the included microfiber cleaning cloth, rmove any fingerprints, stains, or smudges from the lens surface by rubbing in a circular motion. Start in the middle of the lens and work your way to the edges. Breathe lightly on the lens to provide moisture, if needed.
  • For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend the use of a lens/optics cleaning kit. Follow directions included with your kit for best results.

The Styrka Warranty - It's more than a warranty, it's a commitment.

All Styrka binoculars, rifle scopes, and spotting scopes are covered by Styrka's no questions asked warranty. If your product is damaged or malfunctions, it will be replaced or repaired at no charge to you. In addition, your Styrka product is entitled to an annual tune up. Not that you'd ever need it, but in the unlikely event, the option is there to keep your Syrka functioning like new for a lifetime of service.

If warranty problems arise or repairs are necessary, contact the Styrka customer service department at 1-844-211-6915. Styrka makes the promise of prompt attention and service, and they understand the importance of optics to your outdoor experience. Styrka takes pride in not only providing outstanding products, but excellent customer service as well.


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Styrka S7 2.5-15x50 SF Riflescope Illuminated Plex ST-95040

Styrka S7 2.5-15x50 SF Riflescope Illuminated Plex ST-95040

Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof

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