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Aimtech Systems AR Training Trigger Reset Red Laser



AR Trigger Reset Block - Visible red laser

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The AR Training Trigger fits into the lower in place of the hammer to add realistic trigger pull feel.  Also included is an inbore laser that mounts to the flash hider. The AR Training Trigger also emits an IR signal pulse to fire the laser. The AR Training Trigger can be used with a standard magazine installed.

For installation removal of the hammer and bolt carrier is all that is required.  Remove the pin holding the hammer and the hammer/spring assembly. Remove the Bolt Carrier. Place the Training Trigger in place of the hammer. Align the Training Trigger and push the hammer pin through the lower and Training Trigger.  Snug the allen screw in the front of the Training Trigger until the Training Trigger does not rock forward or backward. Check the trigger feel to ensure the Training Trigger does not rock when the trigger is pulled. Retighten the set screw as necessary.
The Laser is mounted in the Flash Suppressor and is triggered by an IR signal emitted through the barrel by the Training Trigger.  To install the laser, remove the Mounting screw with the nylon shoulder washer and the Protective cover.  Insert the Laser assembly into the flash suppressor aligning the mounting screw hole with one of the slots. Insert the mounting screw with the nylon shoulder washer. Tighten the screw until the laser is snug and does not wiggle.
Laser Alignment

The laser aim-point can be adjusted to align with you sight picture. To align the laser, loosen the screw on the side of direction you want to direct the laser. Tighten the screw on the opposite side to move the laser in that direction. Repeat as necessary for wind-age and elevation. Snug the screws when alignment is complete.
Note: To make sighting the laser easier, mount to a slot on the flash hider that aligns the laser alignment screws to be on the vertical and horizontal planes.  Replace the plastic cover on the laser assembly when the laser is removed to keep ambient light from falsely triggering the laser to prevent draining the battery.
The lower must be closed so the Training Trigger is aligned with the laser assembly for proper operation. Close the dust cover during operation so ambient light does not interfere with the IR signal to the laser assembly. The laser should fire only once for each trigger pull and only after the sear is released. Readjust the Phillips head screw as necessary.

The laser can be test fired by pointing the back of the laser assembly towards a flashlight (or other light source) in a dark environment. Turn the flashlight on and off. The laser should fire each time the flashlight is turned on.
Trigger Adjustment
Trigger creep can be adjusted from near zero to the full trigger stroke. To adjust trigger creep, tighten or loosen the phillips head screwat the rear of the unit to the desired trigger creep.
Adjusting Sear Release Force
The sear release force can be reduced by placing shim(s) between the magnet catch and magnet on top of the sending unit. To install shims, pull and hold the trigger to separate the magnet from the magnet catch. Place the desired shim(s) in the slot between the magnet and catch until the desired amount of force is achieved.  Any non-magnetic material can be used for shimming. Shims can be made from any type of tape and stuck to the magnet or the magnet catch.
Dim or No Laser Pulse

The batteries will last at least 20,000 shots. If the laser pulse is dim or there is no laser pulse when it has not been fired thousands of times or it has not been used in a long time, the battery connections may be dirty or corroded. To clean the terminals remove the battery pack as described above. With the battery pack out, clean the battery ends, plug, spring ends, and internal battery contact with a cotton swab and some alcohol.
Battery Replacement
Laser Batteries: The laser batteries should be good for over 20,000 shots. Prior to replacing the batteries try snugging the brass battery plug on the bottom of the laser assembly. To replace the batteries, remove the brass plug from the bottom of the laser assembly. The spring and batteries should drop out. Replace the batteries with the negative terminal first.  Batteries: SR626/377 (2 batteries required)
The battery pack is replaced with the positive terminal facing the plug. Make sure the battery plug is tight.

Replacement battery packs can be purchased, or two LR 626 batteries can be taped together to construct a battery pack. Trim the tape so it does not extend past the front or back of the battery ends. Do NOT put batteries in the chamber that are not taped together. It will short out the batteries.
Trigger Battery: If the laser is not firing, and the laser functions as described when tested with a flashlight, the Trigger battery needs to be replaced. To remove the battery, push the battery out of its cradle with a pin. Replace the battery with the Positive terminal up. Removal of the magnet catch provides additional access to the battery. To remove the magnet catch, disengage the magnet from the magnet catch and pull it straight out.  Trigger replacement battery: CR1225 (1 batteries required)


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Aimtech Systems AR Training Trigger Reset Red Laser

Aimtech Systems AR Training Trigger Reset Red Laser

AR Trigger Reset Block - Visible red laser

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