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HIVIZ LiteWave Front Sight for Ruger Blackhawk RBLW01 View larger

HIVIZ LiteWave Front Sight for Ruger Blackhawk RBLW01



Front sight for Ruger Blackhawk

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HIVIZ LiteWave Front Sight for Ruger Blackhawk RBLW01

Includes red, green, and white light pipes.  Compatible with Ruger Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, and Bisley models with pinned front sights.  Does not fit .45 Colt models.  

HIVIZ LiteWave Technology

The strength of the HIVIZ overmold design with the versatility of interchangeable colors and virtually unlimited light gathering capability - from any angle.

The LiteWave sight design features an innovative, diagonal-wave design that increases durability to the protective exoskeleton and allows for more exposed surface area for the LitePipe to gather light from all angles, for the brightest sight available.

  • Skeletonized one-piece sight body
  • Innovative wave design collects light from all angles
  • Internal integral locking system machined into a one-piece steel sight base

HIVIZ Sight Anatomy

All HIVIZ sights are built to rigid standards using only the highest quality materials and shooter tested to ensure they'll withstand the test of time. LitePipes are made of a chemical resistant material and injection molded toa chieve maximum brightness and a consistent sight picture.

  • Bright: Sights are cut away in the center to allow maximum light gathering from any angle while retaining strength.
  • Interchangable: Includes a variety of LitePip colors and sizes for any lighting condition.
  • Precise: Square sight profile for precision rear sight alignment.
  • Durable: All sight bases are solid steel construction.
  • Optically Efficient: Recessed LitePipe eliminates halo and reveals a crisp, clear dot.
  • Holster Friendly: HIVIZ pays strict attention to contouring all handgun sights to be as smooth and snag-free as possible.

All HIVIZ front sights are built to the same height as the factory sights so they can optionally be used with factory rear sights.

Changing LiteWave Front/Rear LitePipes

Simply insert the pin on the included key into the front of the sight. Push the LitePipe down and back to release the lock and sliding the LitePipe out.


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HIVIZ LiteWave Front Sight for Ruger Blackhawk RBLW01

HIVIZ LiteWave Front Sight for Ruger Blackhawk RBLW01

Front sight for Ruger Blackhawk

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