EasyHit PXS 1000 Fiber Optic Sights


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EasyHit PXS 1000 Fiber Optic Sight - Ring Dot



Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight - Free Shipping

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Data sheet

Type Fiber optic/red dot/reflex sight
Mount type Shotgun rib
Objective diameter: 27mm
Eye relief: Infinite
Field of view: Infinite
Lens coatings: Fully coated
Body: Aluminum
Waterproof: Yes
Size: 150 x 40 x 40 mm
Weight: 2 ounces
Included accessories: Allen wrench

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EasyHit PXS 1000 Review

The EasyHit PXS 1000 is a combination red dot/fiber optic sight designed for use with shotguns.  The concept is simple.  The fiber optic light pipe located on the rear of the sight collects ambient light, then the coating on the front lens reflects an illuminated reticle.  No electronics, no batteries, no moving parts.  

What makes the EasyHit PXS 1000 so unique is that is functions exactly like a red dot or a reflex sight, yet it's specifically designed for shotgun use, where quick target acquisition and accuracy is paramount.  You'll get on target faster and more accurately than you would with a bead or scope. How is this possible?

To undersand how the PSX 1000 works, you first need to understand the concepts behind how the optical elements work.  On shotguns with front and rear beads, both beads have to be perfectly aligned for your shot to be true.  Any deviation to the left, right, up, or down will cause your shot to be slightly off, and with that comes an increased chance of missing your target - whether that target be a clay or game bird.  On shoguns with a magnified scope, the situation is similar; your eye has to be at the correct distance from the eyepiece, and perfectly aligned so that your sight picture isn't black around the edges.  

The EasyHit PXS 1000 eliminates these problems, becasue it only has one non-magnified lens element.  Like a red dot or reflex sight, there is absolutely no eye relief or exit pupil.  What does this mean?  It means that as long as you can see the reticle on the lens, that is where your shot is going to land.  Whether it's off to the side, up, or down, the reticle represents a kill shot.  Shoulder the gun, keep both eyes open, and pull the trigger.

This is the same reason why law enforcement and military use red dot sights.  It makes the process of acquiring and maintaining a target almost second nature.  Studies show, it just works.

Here's a review from one of our customers:

First impressions - When I recevied this sight I was very excited.  It is very intuitive and easy to wrap your mind around.  I had it mounted on my Mossberg 500 in no time.  I played with the elevation pin in the back to make sure it was easily adjustable.  It really was, using the allen wrench that came with the kit.
When I finally got to shoot it, the ease of it all paid off.  It was very intuitive and easy to use.  I have used other shotgun sights before, and found this one every bit as easy, and in some cases much easier, to use fluidly the first time.  It also fits into my shotgun sleeve unlike a scope.
The anodized aluminum (airplane aluminum to be exact) makes it very light.  The fiber optic construction borrows from the technology used on archery sights. The unit is well built, with an easy to find reticle, plenty of forgivenss on the lens, and a quick learning curve.  My favorite part is that it does not require batteries, keeping the weight around two ounces.  
The first use of the Easy Hit PXS 1000 for me was while goose hunting.  It was well lit at first light, and clearly aided with shot placement.  Over the years my eye sight has diminished, and this really made its point.  I can see using this sight for years to come.
The only negative I would have about it is that it is only mountable on shotguns with ribs.  Three of my other shotguns do not have ribs making the unit unable to mountable on them.  I hope this changes as the updates come out.  One or two of them will be getting this sight if an adapter becomes available.   
Next stop is turkey hunting with the Easy Hit PXS 1000.  This sight will be MUCH easier to use than a scope.
Over all, this is a great sight!  I highly recommend it.  The price point is right, the use is intuitive, the installation is simple.  Get this unit for your shotgun.  You will love it.



Best Best

This product is exelent.I used at my 12 gage shotgun work very well.


Biggest Surprise of 2015!!!

Got this unit after reading a lot of good reviews from Europe. Installs in 90 seconds. Easy to sight in. Averaged +2 on my first trap trial. Ordered 2 more right away. Highly recommended!!!
P.S. Guys in the trap club are very impressed too!!!

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EasyHit PXS 1000 Fiber Optic Sight - Ring Dot

EasyHit PXS 1000 Fiber Optic Sight - Ring Dot

Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight - Free Shipping

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