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Minox Binocular Strap 69734



Neoprene binocular harness for all Minox binoculars

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Minox Binocular Strap Review

Anybody who has ever worn a pair of binoculars on a normal binocular strap while hiking, hunting, or birdwatching knows that they don't do a very good job of securing your binoculars.  They swing from side to side, bounce all over the place, and are constantly at risk of being damaged.

This Minox Binocular Strap is actually a full binocular holster.  This strap does a great job of limiting the pendulum movement of your binoculars as you walk, and will keep them securely in place on your hunt, hike, or nature trek.  This Minox binocular harness includes a quick release mechanism that frees the binoculars to be handed off or securely stored.  The strap surrounding the shoulder area utilizes a neoprene pad for additional comfort, even when the additional stabilizer back strap is not being used.  

Forget the other brands, this may very well be the best binocular harness you can buy.


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Minox Binocular Strap 69734

Minox Binocular Strap 69734

Neoprene binocular harness for all Minox binoculars

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