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Choosing The Correct .308 Handguard

Some people ask 'What is the difference between an Armalite compatible .308 upper receiver and a DPMS compatible upper receiver?"  They do differ slightly, and  the type of upper receiver you have on your rifle is going to determine which handguard you need.  

  • Armalite pattern .308 uppers have an angled corner where the upper meets the lower.
  • DPMS pattern .308 uppers have a rounded rear where the upper meets the lower.  There are two different heights available.

    Aim Sports .308 Upper Patterns
  • DPMS Low Profile upper receivers have a flat-top rail that measues approximately .150" high.
  • DPMS High Profile upper receivers have a flat top rail that measures approximately .210" high.

    Aim Sports .308 Upper Heights

Please do not order a handguard unless you are absolutey certain about the pattern and tang height of your upper receiver.