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It can be difficult to source rifle scopes and other gun parts from the USA.  This is mainly due to US government regulations on parts intended for firearms, but it's even further complicated by third party websites (such as eBay and Amazon) who don't allow sellers to provide those items to customers outside of the USA.  This page will help you do business with us in a way that doesn't cause delays or surprises.

The US government basically determines firearms parts to fit into three classifications (for the purpose of explanation).  Some parts for firearms are considered "military arms exports," meaning we can't send them out of the USA. Other parts are considered OK, and yet more parts are considered "controlled items."    

At this time, we can't export anything considered a "military arms export."  Sorry.

The parts that aren't considered "controlled items can be sent without any special paperwork or delay. That means you can order and have it shipped immediately.

The "controlled items" are the items that are special.  A controlled item is something that the US government will allow us to export, but not immediately.  These items usually include rifle scopes, reflex sights, certain night vision scopes, sights, and other firearms parts.  This is usually determined on a case-by-case basis.  

We have more information on our International Customers page. If you're looking for gun parts, sights, or rifle scopes, or how we ship them to your country, please contact us directly.

Please use the contact link at the top of the page (or email us directly) for a custom shipping rate on your order!