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Minox ZV3 3-9x40 Riflescope BDC Reticle 66006



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Data sheet

Magnification: 3x - 9x
Objective diameter: 40 mm
Field of view: 10.5 - 31.5 ft @ 100 yards
Eye relief: 4 inches
Exit pupil: 4.4 - 13.3 mm
Near focus: 10 feet
Tube diameter: 1 inch
Click value: 1/4 inch @ 100 yards
Elevation/Windage: 60 MOA / 60 MOA
Lens coatings: Fully multi-coated
Body: One piece anodized aluminum
Waterproof: Yes
Nitrogen purged: Yes
Size: 12.3 x 1.92 x 1.56 inches
Weight: 13.6 oz
Included accessories: Dust caps, cleaning cloth, allen wrench

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Minox ZV3 3-9x40 Review

The Minox ZV3 3-9x40 was the first Minox ZV3 to be released, hitting the market in early 2013.  The response so far has been overwhelming, and customers seem to agree that the ZV3 line is a definite performer, with optical quality rivaling scopes several times the cost.  

The ZV3 was introduced as the "value" line, in keeping with the ZA (American-made) and ZE (European-made) naming conventions.  There are a lot of scope options in the $199-$209 price range, so Minox got into this market knowing that there was some stiff compeition, and they had to impress to gain any traction.  We were introduced to the ZV3 3-9x40 by coincidence, but based on a five minute fumbling with a demo unit, we ordered stock and waited for them to arrive.  

Of course, with new product, there's always a period where early adopters are de-facto guinea pigs.  A rifle scope's reputation is made or broken based on the guys who pull the trigger on a new scope before it's proven, and it's become pretty apparent that the ZV3 3-9x40 is worth far more than the price.

Build quality is notable.  A one piece waterproof and nitrogen purged aluminum body (1" main tube) houses fully multi-coated glass.  The anodized finish on the scope body is very good quality and has proven to be very durable on some our demo units.  A lot of scopes in this price range are advertised as having durable anodized coating, but it can be hit and miss, and the reality is that many budget scopes are simply painted black, and are prone to damage under light use.  Not the case here, we expect this finish to stand the test of time.

This glass is quite possibly the best glass you can find in a scope with this price.  The clarity is just unreal, and we have to try very hard to spot even the slightest hint of chromatic aberration.  The clarity and fine detail continues throughout the entire magnification range, and the low light performance is more than adequate on a cloudy night with only ambient light to illuminate objects about 30 yards away.  

Minox ZV3 ObjectiveIn a side-by-side test between the ZV3 and a comparable ZA5, we did have a very difficult time spotting any difference in clarity, sharpness, light transmission, chromatic aberration, or low-light performance.  We know that Schott manufactures the glass found in the American-made ZA5 and ZA5 HD lines, and we have a very strong suspicion that the glass found in the ZV3 is Schott as well.  But Minox has neither confirmed nor denied this, so we're left to wonder.  Based on what we've seen, we're pretty confident in that assessment.  Additionally, the retaining ring on the objective is no longer unmarked, instead it is now branded with "MINOX WETZLAR GERMANY," a nod to the European heritage of the ZV3 3-9x40.

The one piece anodized aluminum body is completely waterproof and nitorgen purged.  This means no fogging.  The weight seems pretty light for a 3-9x40, without being so light that build quality is questionable (We did a comparison between the ZV3 and ZA5 2-10x50 and found that the weight difference is under 1 oz).  The windage and elevation adjustments are hidden beneath some very well built aluminum caps, and the adjustment knobs themselves are labeled in 1/4 MOA increments with a maximum adjustment of 60 MOA.  You can feel the adjustment knobs falling into place with each tick mark on the knob.  The magnification adjustment and focus adjustment are tight enough without being too tight and consistent across the entire adjustment range.  

Some of the early Minox ZV3 3-9x40 scopes had turrets that were tactile, but not audible - some customers described them as "mushy," but the latest manufacturing run has some slight changes, and most of the turrets on these new scopes seem to be slightly better.  The feedback on the turrets is still not the quality of the $1k+ scopes in our inventory, but we're happy with the improvement.  

Minox ZV3 3-9x40 Turrets

You can see the reindexing system on the turrets, which is locked and unlocked by utilizing an included allen key.  There are three set screws on each of the windage and elevation turrets.  Mount your ZV3, zero at 100 yards, and unscrew the set screws.  Turn the turrets back to zero, tighten the screws, and you're done.  This is particularly useful for shooters who find themselves utilizing the turrets to adjust for range, and advanced shooters may even utilize this technique with the BDC reticle.

Also, a quick note on the BDC reticle: The first manufacturing round of the Minox ZV3 3-9x40 BDC had the "Minox BDC Reticle," which was a basic balliistic reticle with two hash marks under the crosshair.  The latest manufacturing run of the ZV3 3-9x40 has a new Minox BDC 400 reticle, which has 3 hash marks below the crosshair.  For more info, we have a run-down of the BDC 400 reticle below.

This is an amazing scope for the price, and may be one of the best you'll find in this price range.  The Minox ZV3 riflescope is another product that we will stand behind 100%.

We tested our Leapers 3-9x40 scope caps and found that they do NOT fit the ZV3 rifle scopes.  

Care and Feeding of your Minox ZV3 3-9x40

Minox engineers extraordinary durability into every rifle scope they build.  However, they are still precision optical instruments and reasonable care should be taken to ensure long-term operational performance.  Do not disassemble the scope in any way, as this may damage the seals that make the Minox ZV3 fogproof and waterproof.  Transport the scope (and firearm, if attached) in a padded case and prevent the scope from experiencing any excessive impact.  When cleaning your firearm, be sure to cover the lenses of your Minox ZV3 to prevent cleaning agents from contacting and possibly damaging lens coatings.  Clean the scope periodically by wiping the body with a soft, lint-free cloth.  The objective ocular and objective lenses can be carefully cleaned by brushing away dust and dirt with a soft brush (such as a LensPen).  For heavy smudges or spots, a small amount of alcohol or lens cleaner can be utilized.  The scope's moving parts have been lubricated at the factor, and no further lubrication should be needed.

Using the Minox BDC 400 Reticle

The BDC 400 reticle on this ZV3 3-9x50 rifle scope is meant to assist shooters with engagement of targets and game at long ranges.  While there is no guarantee of long range performance due to rifle accuracy, shooter proficiency, and environmental conditions, ranging reticles such as the Minox BDC 400 reticle can allow for easy holdover and windage.Minox BDC 400 Reticle

The Minox BDC 400 reticle is calibrated to be sighted in with a zero of 100 yards at maximum magnification.  Changing magnifications once the rifle scope is sighted in can significantly change the point of impact when utilizing the ranging reticle.  The crosshair will still be sighted at 100 yards, but the ranging capabilities of the additional hash marks on the reticle will only be sighted at maximum magnification.  Each hash mark below the crosshair represents a 100 yard increment out to the maximum range of 400 yards (hence the BDC 400 designation).  

Keep in mind that the BDC 400 reticle is only a generic calibration, and consistent performance will depend upon testing of your rifle and scope combination at the range.  

The BDC 400 reticle is calibrated utilizing a 7mm Remington Magnum using 150gr. ammunition at 3,100 FPS.

The Minox ZV3 3-9x40 Warranty

The Minox ZV3 is protected by a default two year warranty against defects and malfunction.  Customers in the USA and Canada may take advantage of the Lifetime Total Coverage Warranty, which protects the product from manufacturing defects and operational failures for the life of the product.

Click here for Minox riflescope reticle subtensions

Minox ZV3 3-9x40 Manual



Love my new scope

My new Minox scope is very nice. Clear and sharp. Sighted in with a 3 shot group under 1".


my ZV3

Im very pleased with my purchase.. the scope is robust and will make an excellent hunting application.
I compared it to my Bushnell and find the optics surpasses it..and almost comparable to scopes costing over
a thousand dollars...
Im ready to start filling the freezer.

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Minox ZV3 3-9x40 Riflescope BDC Reticle 66006

Minox ZV3 3-9x40 Riflescope BDC Reticle 66006

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